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A growing inventory of water and land based natural resources, conservation planning tools, and planning examples that can help us to protect Virginia's coastal ecosystems. A tool to promote community involvement and environmental education.


What is Coastal Gems?

Identifying and mapping the best remaining blue (water-based) and green (land-based) natural resources within Virginia's coastal zone. Find out more!


Current Projects

Coastal Gems highlights current projects that the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program supports. Take a look around here.


Data sets

Our partners are constantly creating datasets that are valuable to our mission. Here is where you can find out the particulars about data being displayed on the mapping application.

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A great resource for planning!


- William Shuart VCU - CES

During an oil spill drill with the Coast Guard and Colonial Pipeline, I had the opportunity to see first-hand the power and utility of the GEMS mapping program. After participating in two previous drills, where natural resource participants had to scramble and pull information from multiple sources, the GEMS program had virtually all the information in one place for the environmental team to recommend quick, precise and significant resource protection measures immediately. GEMS is truly an amazing tool.


- Glen Askins, VA Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

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- The Staff VA CZM